motion10 SharePoint Twitter Status Notes Control

The motion10 SharePoint Twitter Status Notes Control is a study project that extends the default status notes control of SharePoint. The study project tried to proof to send the status text to other social media while the default SharePoint status update functionality stays the same. The study project sends the status message to Twitter, but now it’s easy to create code that sends messages to other social media, like LinkedIn, Yammer or Facebook.

motion10 SharePoint Twitter Status Notes Control
motion10 SharePoint Twitter Status Notes Control

The project is available at CodePlex. The project contains the following elements:

  • Hammock for Rest – for communication and authentication (OAuth) with Twitter.
  • Diplo.Twitter – C# Library for easy authentication and sending the status update.
    • The Diplo.Twitter C# Library is extended to save and load Twitter Credentials from SharePoint User Profile Service Application.
  • A feature that will create two persisted objects > the Twitter Consumer Keys.
  • A feature that will register a delegate control.
  • A delegate control that loads a JavaScript file and C# methods to authenticate and route the twitter message.

When the delegate control is loaded, the OnOnit method will check if the Twitter credentials are known in the Secure Store. If not then the connect button is shown. When the user hits te connect button, the user will be redirected to authenticate at Twitter. After that the user is redirected back and the Token and TokenSecret are saved in the Secure Store. After that the user is authenticated to send tweets.


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