The SharePoint Traffic Light Model

The customizations of SharePoint are very extensive. Problems can be solved on multiple ways. This broad perspective leads to issues. It is not always clear why that solution is choosen. The communication about the different solutions with customers, partners or collegues is sometimes difficult. It should be better if we talk about the same solution and the impact of that solution should be clear. Therefore is the SharePoint Traffic Light Model.

Traffic Light Model
Traffic Light Model

The SharePoint Traffic Light Model divides the different type of customizations tot the colors of a the traffic light. The model is understanding for everybody. With model you can take responsiblity for the choosen solution. The model will also tell something about the impact.

There is a tension between the orange and red customizations. Its the tension between the possibilities of a standard product and the wish of the customer. With orange customizations it is most of the times possible to make an approach to the customers wish. You bounded to the limits of the standard product features (i.e. dataview of content query web part, site definitions. With red customizations you can realize the wish of the customer.With the model you can explain and take resposibility of the impact and possibilities of the solution.

If you want more information about the model please contact me.
If you have remarks on the model, don’t hesitate to make a comment!


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